About Us

The Vegetarian choice website provides support and resources to people who are vegetarians or are considering to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

The site is still in development and will undergo significant changes in the near future.

We are not vegetarians because of health-related issues.  For us, it is a moral issue. 

But in case you have been told that vegans and vegetarians do not get enough protein or nutrients, let this 100-year-old vegan cardiovascular surgeon reassure you …


We intend to include vegetarian categories such as …

  • nature’s choice vegetarian
  • vegetarian choices near me
  • vegetarian choices for dinner
  • vegetarian choices for bbq
  • vegetarian choices for protein
  • vegetarian choices in an orchard
  • vegetarian choices for a steak night
  • vegetarian hamburgers
  • meat substitutes
  • delicious alternatives to meat
  • vegetarian restaurants
  • vegetarian recipes
  • veganism vs vegetarianism
  • lacto ovo vegetarian

As well as many other social and spiritual issues surrounding the vegetarian lifestyle.

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